Wow! Less than three weeks in the blogosphere, and people have come here to read one thousand times.


Thanks so much!

No, really, THANK YOU.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t written so much in years. Most of what I’ve written in the last 5 years has been academic essays and facebook comments, and in the last 18 months, I had barely written anything at all. Starting up this blog project, and being so encouraged by your gracious follows, likes, comments, and feedback, has given me an unprecedented burst of productivity and helped a great deal in my ongoing struggle to cope with depression and anxiety. It’s helped me rediscover my love of writing, and rebuild my confidence in my abilities as a writer. 

So thanks. I really appreciate it. 🙂



Fetish Friday: Let’s Talk Bondage!

Mm mm mm, one of my favourite things. I love bondage play. I love the feeling of struggling against a restraint and knowing that I’m being contained and controlled physically. I love not being able to recoil from a partner I trust implicitly. The struggle-and-fail cycle is one that I, among many other bondage fiends, find very arousing and stimulating. The rush that we feel from being restrained can be rooted in different psychological and physiological factors, depending on who you ask (because as we have established, people are complicated).


For me, at the heart of it, it’s mostly about confronting and conquering fear: I am claustrophobic, and I tend to panic in confined spaces and situations. Being restrained in a comfortable and controlled environment gets me right up close and personal to the physiological aspects of the fear response, without having to be overwhelmed by the psychological ones. Simply put, my body can kind of freak out and release all sorts of adrenaline and endorphins into my system, heightening sensitivity and mental acuity, increasing my heart rate, making me flush and buzz and tremble with excitement, while my mind remains very serene and focused in the scene and on my partner.

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