The Inaugural Ask Me Anything!

Finally, FINALLY, someone took advantage of the Ask Me Anything page, and asked a question I can respond to with a post. Thank you, Anonymous Person!

Anonymous asked: Can you tell me why Fetish clubs only play shitty goth or industrial music?

The short answer? It’s to drown out the sounds of spanking and screaming.

Seriously, though, although that does play a role in the music selected at fetish club events, there are a few other factors at play. Many find that dark, industrial-type music helps them get into their kinky headspace and feel more comfortable fully inhabiting their fetish personas, even if they don’t normally enjoy that genre. There is also an aspect of sensory deprivation; goth and industrial music tends to be complex and melodically dense, and the wall of noise serves a particularly interesting function in simultaneously cognitively isolating and connecting individuals within the event.

The persistent, heavy rhythms also provide a semi-hypnotic background in which to fully experience the rhythmic sensory quality of the play they are engaging in; there have been several studies that show persistent rhythm and wall-of-sound type music can play a very significant role in guiding participants into an altered state of consciousness in which the critical factor and sense of inhibition are lowered. This altered state permits a greater enjoyment of activities that participants would normally feel uncomfortable doing in public spaces.

So! That, to my knowledge, is why fetish clubs play goth and industrial music. I hope that answered your question satisfactorily, Anonymous!



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