The Sunday Jack!

Birds! Birds! Birds! Spring! Birds! Squirrels! Birds!

Birds! Birds! Birds! Spring! Birds! Squirrels! Birds! (Jack in triplicate!)

Happy Sunday, everyone! If you’re Christian, happy Easter Sunday to you. It was always my favourite of the high holy days; the spirit of celebration was always so infectious.

“Get rid of death. Celebrate increase. Make it be Spring.” ~ Margaret Atwood, “February”



Losing My Religion (and Finding My Empathy)

Religion is a touchy subject. It’s difficult to speak with critical distance about something that so many feel is deeply personal¬†without stepping on too many toes. Especially when the things one has to say may not always be¬†particularly charitable. I have had a long and complicated relationship with Protestant Christianity that began in seventh grade, and persists today. I’m no longer a member of any church, and I consider myself an agnostic/soft atheist; that is to say, I don’t believe that there are any gods or supernatural forces governing the universe, but I believe that I cannot know that for certain. However, I am still interested in the cultural phenomenon of Christianity, my boyfriend is a Christian, many of my dearest friends are Christians, and I still draw significantly from my experiences as a Christian, so I think it’s fair to say that I still have a relationship with Christianity.

Okay, guys, maybe I needed to be a little clearer on the whole "love" concept.

We’re cool.

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