The Sunday Jack: Extremely busy edition!

Hello readers! I realize that at this point this blog is becoming a cat pictures blog. Things are very busy with a lot of changes on the near horizon, and this weekend has been full of visits from family and friends. Despite all this, here is your Sunday Jack!


Determined to have a very brief adventure on the balcony. At least until the wind pushes him too hard.

Determined to have a very brief adventure on the balcony. At least until the wind pushes him too hard.


The Sunday Jack – Writers’ Block Edition!

I’m not dead, I’m trying to write things for you, it’s just been REALLY HARD lately because real life is annoying sometimes, and flare-ups of depression and anxiety don’t help things either! You know who does help things though?

This is my happy face.

This is my happy face.


I haven’t forgotten you, dear readers. I’ll be back soon! And with a guest post by my brilliant (if I do say so myself) boyfriend, too! Stay tuned.

Encouragement Facing Another Monday Morning

I’ve got a stressful day lined up for tomorrow. Maybe you do, too. Here is my current song-of-encouragement.

So come on boys
It weren’t not for tryin’
It’s called the laugh of recognition
When you laugh but you feel like dyin’

Come on boys
Now don’t be shy
If we gotta walk away
We gotta hold our heads up high

You’re not the first one to start again
Come on now friends
There is something to be said for tenacity
I’ll hold on to you
If you hold on to me.

~Over The Rhine

Just a little housekeeping…

As this blog project grows and takes shape, I’ll be tinkering with things and adding new pages and other nice things for you to look at. The addition I’d most like to draw attention to at the moment is the Ask Me Anything page. Maybe something that you’ve read here has sparked some questions that you feel uncomfortable attaching your name to (for any number of equally valid concerns).

This feature allows you to submit questions anonymously; the only information the form logs is your IP address for the sake of spam avoidance, and I solemnly swear to never look you up. I will do my utmost to address your questions in a subsequent post, so go ahead! Take a deep breath, and Ask Me Anything.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for new stuff popping up; I’ve also added a Donations page on the off chance that there are people out there who take pleasure in supporting starving writers. No pressure, but it’s there.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s read and followed me so far. It fills me with great satisfaction, pleasure, and gratitude to be able to tell my stories.

Welcome to Strike Your Note!

Your body is amazing. My body is amazing.

This is where I talk about Bodies. My body, your body, our bodies all together, fat bodies, thin bodies, able bodies and disabled bodies, visible bodies and invisible bodies, bodies at work and at play. How do we understand our bodies, and our selves? How do we see ourselves reflected in the world around us? What do those reflections say? Are they telling us the truth about ourselves?

As this blog grows and progresses, my hope is that my musings and observations on body-related matters will encourage open, empowering, and positive discussions about our bodies and how we perceive and inhabit them. Let’s talk about how we variously non-normative people are represented. Let’s talk about what makes “normal” normative. Let’s talk about the ways we can flip these discourses on their heads and rock our incredible, amazing, wonderfully diverse bodies without shame.

This blog will not be very polite. There will be ample usage of words like “fuck” and “bullshit,” and I will definitely talk about sex, sexuality, and various fetishes from time to time. Buckle up, friends.