Spaaaaaaace! A Response to Cosmos: “Sisters of the Sun”

I like space.

I'm in space!

I’m in space!

No, really. You may or may not know this about me already, but I really really fucking love astronomy and astrophysics. They are by far my favourite branches of science. This is mostly due to having had the privilege of studying Astronomy with Vesna Milosevic-Zdjelar during my undergrad at the University of Winnipeg. She was the person who really opened up the world of science for me, and helped me realize that I do not need to know how to do all the equations to comprehend and appreciate, on at least a rudimentary level, the mechanics that drive our universe.

And holy shit, friends… What a beautiful universe we live in. Seriously.


I mean come on, LOOK AT THIS. As if this actually exists in our universe. Amazing.

So how thrilled was I to discover that this past Sunday’s episode of Cosmos¬†was all about stars? Super-dee-duper thrilled, that’s how much! It was like an exciting, beautiful refresher course. But if I were to choose my favourite thing about this episode, it would be the outstanding amount of attention given to the contributions of women in the development of the fields of astrophysics and astronomy. Continue reading